Monday, March 17, 2008

CHARLIE CARLSON - March 19 Guest

Charlie Carlson is the author of a dozen Florida books, big and small, and over 200 magazine and newspaper articles about Florida's past and folklore. He is a m past president of the Seminole County Florida Historical Society and serves on the advisory board of two museums. Known by his younger followers as Florida's Master of the Weird, Charlie has appeared in numerous television documentaries, including playing the role of Professor Charles Moorehouse in the Curse of the Blair Witch on the SciFi Channel and in Blockbuster's rental video, Stix and Stones. He is featured in a DVD titled The Hunt for the Devil and in several television documentaries related to unexplained phenomena and Florida history in addition to producing his own documentaries. He has appeared on hundreds of radio and television talk shows across the country and in Florida, in addition to being featured in an equal number of newspapers and magazines. His current activity is producing and appearing in a one hour ghost hunt DVD, a production of Blue Heron International Pictures, titled "Henry Blackhart is Dead.". For more information contact: Dot Diehl or Kelly Roberts, PR agents

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