Thursday, August 21, 2008

Early Podcast - Don't Forget Nick!

As you can see below, we've put up next week's show early, due to the timely nature of it's information about exactly what went on in some phases of the GA Bigfoot Hoax.

Linda and I are sure you'll all enjoy that, but don't forget to check out the Nick Redfern interview, which is this week's regularly scheduled show. Nick, as always, is a great guest.

And don't forget to leave us comments and feedback on both. Enjoy!

J.C. JOHNSON - August 27 Guest

August 27 - With Early Webcast Aug. 21
Interview with J.C. Johnson on the Georgia Bigfoot Hoax

Radio host and investigator Johnson, a field associate of Tom Biscardi, talked to Uncanny Radio from the site of the Indiana location where the alleged "body" had been taken to thaw, with only about a foot of ice left. JC disclosed the horrendous animal parts found inside the Sasquatch costume and even in the rubber foot, and answered questions about the asserted measurements of the "creature" and other puzzling aspects of the case. Johnson is normally on field duty investigating creature incidents in the Western US, see the "Foursquare" Web site for more information and videos.

Listen to the GA Bigfoot podcast.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

NICK REDFERN - August 20 Guest

"There's Something in the Woods" with Nick Redfern. Texas-based British author and gonzo researcher Nick Redfern is one of those rare creatures; a researcher of cryptids who actually goes out in the field. His most recent book, "There's Something in the Woods," is the chronicle of his spine-tingling adventures in Great Britain and the U.S., and his show tonight will reveal secrets of crop-circle makers as well as discussion about his attempts to go where the monsters are, and what the true nature of many cryptid animals might be. Join us on this bi-continental quest for answers!

Redfern is the author of numerous books, including Three Men Seeking Monsters, Memoirs of a Monster Hunter, Body Snatchers in the Desert and more. See all his books at Check out Nick's cryptoblog, There's Something in the Woods, and see the list of archived webcasts above for other Uncanny Radio interviews with Nick.

Podcast of Nick's August 20, 2008 show.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Author and researcher Rosemary Ellen Guiley discusses Shadow People, demons, and the strange effects of Frank's Box and otherworldly communication. Rosemary is one of foremost authorities on the paranormal and supernatural. With 32 books, 8 encyclopedias and hundreds of articles on a wide range of paranormal, spiritual and mystical topics, she possesses an exceptional knowledge of the field. Her research includes first-hand field investigations of haunted places and sites of unexplained phenomena. Guiley makes numerous lecture and media appearances. She is a columnist for TAPS Paramagazine and an editor of FATE magazine, and serves on the board of directors of the Paranormal Source, Inc. Her website is Listen to her on Uncanny Radio Webcast 025 with more on the Dundee Mt. Bigfoot on Beastwatch, and the MonsterQuest: Chupacabra show on Howls & Growls. 025 Webcast

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Brief TOD notes

Some brief notes on Tournament of Death, now that the competition has actually started.

I've got live updates of my work on the project going on at Twitter – a cool site that  allows you to get glimpses of the lives of your friends and interesting folks/projects — and am posting under the moniker "sdsullivan."  Sign up, add me to your watch list, and check it out.  You can see what part of the Olympics I'm watching and maybe deduce how it's working into my writing.

I'm having a great time creating characters for the tournament and using them to reveal information about the setting and world of TOD.  The story is set in the Blue Kingdoms, BTW, which some of you may be familiar with.  ;-)

To that end, I decided to label each character in the story when they have their own section or chapter — such as "Human Knight" or "Al Qiist Magician."  An easy and fun way to learn about the world, I hope.

And now is a great time to suggest characters you'd like to see created (or killed).  I hope to get another poll up on the TOD site today, too.  Did you vote in the one that's up now?

More soon.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

TONY WOIAK - August 6 Guest

It's summer and everyone is headed "up north." But if the hordes of tourists knew what the locals do about those dark woods and streams and Great Lakes shores, they might think twice about pitching their tent in a wilderness forest. Washburn Wisconsin writer, historian and filmmaker Tony Woiak discusses some of the creepy things to be found near Lake Superior on this edition of Uncanny Radio. The author of ten books on Midwestern and northern Wisconsin history, Woiak is currently making a film called I Was a Middle-Aged Zombie. He has contributed to Weird Wisconsin and Strange Wisconsin, and his parents were Manwolf witnesses.

024 Tony Woiak podcast.