Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Robert Damon Scheck - July 23 & 30 Guest

Robert Damon Schneck, one of our favorite guests. returns with a new show and then a remastered version of an old favorite. First up, on July 23, he talks to Manwolf and Linda about Jeane Dixon, psychic to presidents and stars. Find out about Jeanne's uncanny history -- and how much of it is really true.

Then, on a classic Uncanny Radio (show 005 - remastered for better clarity) airing July 30, 2008, enjoy a smattering of Robert's best stories, including one about a poltergeist that converted to Catholicism, Pedro the Mummified Tiny Person, an electric machine intended to be God, a US president's connection to a vampire ... and perhaps Bram Stoker, and a Wisconsin tale so creepy that it defies description. Can you figure out the horrible "curse" that caused the first recording of this show to be "accidentally" wiped out by station engineers?

Robert Damon Schneck, America's Historian of the Strange, is the author of The President's Vampire, Strange-but-True Tales of the United States of America -- Anomalist Books 2005, Barnes & Noble 2007 -- as well as several books for young readers including Detective Notebook: Are You Psychic? He is freelance writer who contributes to Fate the Fortean Times and other magazines. Robert has carried out parapsychology experiments, participated in ghost hunts and visited odd places in search of stories. He lives in Brooklyn, New York, in an apartment full of books and silverfish eating the books. Friends describe him as a lovable, nocturnal, monomaniac.

Jeane Dixon Photo Courtesy of D.R. Shoop Photography, copyright 2008.

Program Note: During the 7/23 show, Steve mentions "Kreskin" as making outrageous predictions, none of which ever came true. In fact, the fake psychic Steve meant to name was Criswell. Kreskin, of course, is a justifiably famous mentalist and performer. Criswell was a "psychic" known both for his wild (and inaccurate) predictions and for his association with infamous film director Ed Wood. This mentalist mix-up explains why Manwolf's comment comparing Kreskin with Jeane Dixon met with resounding silence from both Steve's co-host and Robert. Sorry, Mr. Kreskin!


Anonymous said...

Not a very promising witness sighting i think. Didn't listen to guest speaker. Only listen to podcasts for beastwatch, which is great. Please dump guestspeakers and devote the entire hour or so to werewolf discussion! Although Nick Redfern and Steve Kruger was interesting.

Stephen D. Sullivan said...

You should try the other guests, too. They're all great. Though they don't talk only about werewolves/manwolves.

Anonymous said...

The show is great! If it was a show only about werewolves I would stop listening. There are so many wierd and odd things that happen out there and they all need attention.