Thursday, September 18, 2008

BART NUNNELLY - September 17 Encore

You just heard author and artist Bart Nunnelly discuss his new forthcoming book, "Inhumanoids." Now take time to revisit Bart's first Uncanny Radio broadcast on the topic of his first book, Mysterious Kentucky - a tome of interest to seekers of the strange from every state and country. .Nunnellywas born and raised in Kentucky, where he spent decades searching the bottom lands of the Bluegrass State for evidence of its unsolved mysteries. His wanderings have brought him face to face with such creatures as Bigfoot, water monsters, black panthers, out of place wolves and other mysterious cryptids including a Thunderbird in 1998 - something no other living researcher can presently claim. He currently resides in Henderson, Kentucky.

Book cover design by my good friend Michael Schwab

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