Friday, December 5, 2008

Linda Godfrey - November 26, December 10 Guest

As you all probably know by now, our own Linda Godfrey is the guest on back-to-back Uncanny Radio shows -- shows 035 and 036. In the first show, Linda Talks about her work on Strange Wisconsin and Weird Wisconsin. In the second show, Manwolf and Linda talk about ghost towns, plus manbat and other things with wings.

You can hear show 035 here.

And show 036 -- which was recorded live on BTR 12/5/08 -- here.

Share the excitement as Steve & Linda try to solve the tricks of working in this new format. Listen in awe as Steve talks about audio drop-outs that were apparently only in his headset! Hear Linda forget that the intro to her segment is (now) recorded, and think that Steve is deliberately hogging the airwaves! And are those EVPs, ghost voices, or just some murmuring quirk of the new system? Stay tuned to find out!

Seriously, there are a few more gaffes in episode 36 than usual, but look on the bright side -- in the future, you may be able to call in and talk to Steve & Linda and their guests live!

Let us know how you like the experiment.

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Anonymous said...

It was great to hear from Linda as she has so much knowledge about the uncanny lore of the local area. Thanks again for a great show and we are looking forward to future shows that will provoke new questions and charge the imagination.