Sunday, August 23, 2009

Not Dead, Merely Sleeping

Someone recently asked if this site was dead. Certainly it's not, however -- since our radio show has ceased regular production -- the site is in deep slumber.

Some of our later shows remain up at Blog Talk Radio (please support them!) -- but many went down with the crash of ZShare. Those shows cannot be put on BTR until they are edited to remove music we no longer have license to use. (Music not by our friends the Creeping Dead.) The editing is a time-consuming process, and both Steve and Linda are very busy. We hope some day to have the time to rework those recordings.

Until then, we continue to monitor this site and reply to comments. Also, Steve continues to post new reviews of uncanny-related shows on Howls &, and Linda posts new things on her site,

Thanks for all your support and your continued comments. We hope to see you soon!

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Stephen D. Sullivan said...

PS -- I did connect the last 2 episodes -- 41 & 42 -- to their BTR links. I also connected #1, Stan Brown reworked, to its BTR link. Enjoy.