Sunday, February 28, 2010



The world has come together to help Haiti back to its feet after the devastating earthquake.  I thought it would be a good idea to give everyone a "thank you" gift for everything they've done so far — and to encourage those who have not donated to do their part.

Everybody who has donated to Haitian relief is eligible to download my Blue Kingdoms story "The Gift of the Dragons" for free.  There are three steps to claiming your free story.

1) Make a donation to Haiti. If you haven't made a donation already, click here to go to the Red Cross site and donate.  As I write this, the radio button for Haiti is the last one on the page (scroll down).

2) Publicize your donation. Make a post on Twitter, Facebook, your blog, or some other social networking site telling what Haitian relief  charity you've donated to.  Your post should also include the message:

Free story for Haiti @

Which leaves you 95 or so characters on Twitter (more on other sites) to tell people where you donated and encourage them to do the same.  If you want, you can even reference this contest page directly:

3) Sign up for my newsletter. The story link will be going out to my mailing list, either in the March Newsletter or a special edition shortly thereafter.  (I promise not to sell your address/info or send things other than the newsletter & related announcements.)  You can use the form elsewhere on the site, or the one right below.

The deadline for getting signed up for your free story is March 17, 2010.  (Shouldn't St. Patricks Day be your lucky day?)  The story will be in the form of a downloadable file suitable for use with a Kindle, computer, or other electronic reading device.  The last day for downloading the story for free will be March 31, 2010.

So, what are you waiting for?  Send in a donation and get signed up to get your free story today!

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