Tuesday, February 12, 2008

NICK REDFERN - February 13 Guest

The weather is dodgy and the studio is overbooked, but assuming everything works out, we've got a great guest lined up.

Uncanny Radio proudly presents a conversation with British (now Texas-based) author and former co-editor of Phenomena Magazine Nick Redfern on our second show, February 13. We will be focusing on one of his latest books about an unidentified primate in Great Britain, Man Monkey.

I would buy Man-Monkey: In Search of the British Bigfoot, for the title and charming British place names alone: Grubstreet, Cannock Chase, and Shugborough Hall. Sounds like a landscape straight out of Harry Potter. But the hairy, apelike creature that has haunted this part of the British Isles since 1879 is anything but kid-stuff. Sightings that included a giant "chimpanzee", a large and hairy, upright bear, a werewolf-like "Moon Beast" and more became the targets of Redfern's five-year, on-site investigation. In the course of his work, Redfern scrounged up forgotten old files, interviewed dozens of witnesses, and quaffed endless flasks of tea in his hunt for the truth about this furry fiend. Redfern examines explanations from the natural to the Fortean, allowing that the ancient myth of the shape-shifting Kelpie just may play a part in these strange appearances.

Some of Nick's other ground-breaking books include Body Snatchers in the Desert, Three Men Seeking Monsters, Memoirs of a Monster Hunter, A Covert Agenda, The FBI Files, Strange Secrets and Cosmic Crashes.

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