Friday, February 8, 2008

Uncanny Radio on the Air

Despite the great Weather-Controlled Snowstorm conspiracy, Uncanny Radio made its premier Broadcast on February 6, 2008 from 8-9 PM (Central time).  We'd like to thank our intrepid engineer, Dave, for braving the drifts to get the episode on the air.  We owe you one, buddy!  We'd also like to thank our special guest, Stan Brown (otherwise known as just Stan!), who recorded this "special edition" show with us beforehand, just in case.  Little did we know that we'd need that backup episode immediately!  Thanks, Stan!

Hopefully, those of you who couldn't catch the broadcast over the air heard it streaming on the internet over WBSD.  A few people reported trouble streaming, and we now believe that to get the stream to work properly you may have to use Internet Explorer (and download a simple add-on).  We're talking with the station about updating their streaming compatibilities, though we suspect this may be another conspiracy to keep UR out of the brainpans of eager listeners!

For those of you who missed the premier, we're hoping to have a podcast available soon.  Watch the Uncanny Radio blog for more info.

Thanks for listening, and we hope you'll join us next week when our guest is British bigfoot hunter Nick Redfern.  Stay tuned!

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