Sunday, April 20, 2008

DAVID WALKS-AS-BEAR - April 23 Guest

In our next show, David Walks-As-Bear, author, Shawnee Nation member, and game warden discusses traditional Amerindian beliefs about shapeshifters and skinwalkers.

" I recently did an interview with a reporter from the Traverse City Business News. She was doing a story on the Michigan Dogman. My next Ely Stone novel, Witiku, the Shape Shifter, features this mysterious canine and as an elder Shawnee Indian, and she wanted to ask me questions pertaining to both of these things. One of her questions was about whether or not I think the Dogman is real or just a Native American legend... David Walks-As-Bear is a Kispoko Shawnee Indian. He is an author and syndicated newspaper columnist, living in Northwest Michigan and on the Big Island of Hawaii. Contact him at The White Lake Beacon: 231-894-5356 or visit his website at:


Tex said...

After having seen the monster quest, and listening to David, have found credence for a therony that I have long held.

Seeing the three creatures lined up next to each other at the beginning, talking about the man wolf, bearwolf, and bigfoot.

Here is my theroy, and what i saw while looking at the image,

The manwolf... I saw a summers-esk werewolf, i am enclined to believe that it is at least part human shapeshifter, and, from what i know of skinwalkers and from what David Walksasbear talked about this skinwalkers, gels exactly with the catholic demonology lore on werewolves. When taking the Christian way as the truth, and a rose by any other name is still a flower, all of these supernatural things are a like all over the world and the lore is constant even if the name is changed, and the names muddy the waters, and the view to me that makes most sense when looking at all the lore i can find on demonology and folklore suggests to me that there is if nothing else something to Christianity because the Christian thing fits into every culture if the proper connections are made and looked at and you do not let names muddy the water. however I know that because the show is so wide and we do not want to box ourselves in, the show has to take a rather secular way of looking at things. My information on werewolf demonology comes from the Montague summers book, "The werewolf in lore and Legend."

The Bearwolf, The bearwolf in that illustration looks exactly like the wendigo descriptions that i have heard, and the wendigo lore seems to fit very well with the bear wolf, So I think the bearwolf is a wendigo.

and Bigfoot, Bigfoot is a cryptid, the other two are supernatural.

in regard to how all three things can co exist, assuming there is a human eliment most of the time for a werewolf would be spent in human form, So the resources would not be being depleted, also assuming that the werewolf is created in the way that summers talks about it as a volentary act of Sin "pact with the devil for power, like the skinwalker," that would explain why there are so few of them.

Wendigo-bearwolf, the wendigo being a monster it would be a mix of stuff, and the eating of human flesh by a human, creates the wendigo, they would keep to themselves because they are clever and even though malevolent would not want to be discovered, and in lore. if any one is firmiler with Beowolfe, Grendel,.... hes a wendigo, fast strong cunning dang near unkillable, its possible that the wendigo could show up in euprope. however there is the windigo which is a wendigo who is killed before the person turns into a monster and becomes imortal. Wendigo monster, Windigo evil spirit, Earth Bound Demon.

As for bigfoot, the others are supernatural and bigfoot is natural... So it is the only thing that is normal, and that can reproduce like an animal. So that is why all threw can be seen and exist in the same area.

So my theroy on the origins of these three things. is...

werewolf, manwolf,dogman all the same, a supernatural Creacture that it at least half Human, and is a shapeshifter and the lore is the same all over the world.

What is called the bearwolf, I will refer to now as the wendigo, Supernatural creature, very had to find and though evil very cunning and stays out of sight. They also can sleep for years and years.

And Bigfoot, a living Gigantopithicus.... the only natural animal out of the three, now some times the bigfoot is confused with the wendigo but it is not true and calling them the same muddies the waters. The bigfoot more than likely has moved down from canada.

Well thats my two cents worth, Hopefully I have helped clear this up abit, so that when people report sightings they can know more of what they might be looking at.


Anonymous said...
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