Friday, April 4, 2008

PHYLLIS GALDE - April 9 Guest

Phyllis Galde (Minnesota) has been an explorer of the strange and unknown since her youth. Throughout the course of her life, Galde has encountered a variety of paranormal and mystical experiences that have shaped her world view, including living in a haunted house and witnessing many paranormal occurrences. She is the author of Crystal Healing, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of FATE magazine, Publisher of Species Link Journal, and CEO of Galde Press, Inc. In her fascinating chat with Manwolf and Linda, Phyllis reveals many of her personal experiences such as encountering the ghost of her dead grandfather at a very young age, and explains how the staff chooses reader experiences for print in the magazine out of the hundreds they receive each month.

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irene13 said...

Excellent show! But I was sad to see my local BORDERS bookstore doesn't carry FATE Magazine! What is that about? I will definitely subscribe. Thank you!