Thursday, May 15, 2008


Dave Schumacher, Science & Technology Advisor for the Southern Wisconsin Paranormal Research Group is also head of the SWPRG¹s research wing known as the Anomalous Research Department. "As a result of my commitment to the field, I have investigated, researched, and documented hundreds of reports of ghosts and hauntings using a combined investigative and scientific approach. While with the Southern Wisconsin Paranormal Research Group, I developed and built the unique Direct Environmental Acquisition Data logging system (D.E.A.D.) to detect and record environmental changes that occur during paranormal activity. I have co-authored a book with Jennifer Lauer titled, Investigating the Haunted: ­ Ghost Hunting Taken to the Next Level.

Jennifer Lauer, Founder & Executive Director of the Southern Wisconsin Paranormal Research Group says, "I founded the SWPRG in 1999 and today it is considered to be one of the most respected, credible, and knowledgeable paranormal research organizations in the country. I've been interested in ghosts and the paranormal for as long as I can remember. In 2007 I co-authored a book with Dave Schumacher entitled, Investigating the Haunted: ­ Ghost Hunting Taken to the Next Level. The group was also cast in a new paranormal movie entitled, Ghosts of Door County produced by Spot Productions and Practical Illusions Television. The movie is slated for a June 2008 release. Recently the SWPRG has been deemed the "Professionals in the field of Paranormal Research and Investigation" and are being featured in a new monthly segment on the "Daybreak Morning Show" on WTVO Channel 17 in Rockford, IL. More information on the Southern Wisconsin Paranormal Research Group can be found at

Uncanny radio enjoyed having Jen & Dave in the studio so much, we postponed Howls & Growls this week so we could talk to them longer. Be sure to catch this fascinating, in-studio interview.


Anonymous said...

Great show as always. I like the professional approach taken by SWPRG in their investigations. I can tell it was great fun to have live guests in the studio for a change. As for “Beast Watch” and the mystery breathing; is she sure it wasn’t her husband snoring? I know some guys that sound as big as a house when they start sawing logs.

Anonymous said...

Once again, your show just keeps getting better. I enjoyed listening to the stories as well as the great rapport between all parties. I'm always looking forward to the next shows. Thank you!

irene13 said...

THank you Manwolf for bringing up lots of little nagging questions I have about some of the equipment and techniques often used in some paranormal shows, i.e. "Ghost Hunters." I'm always curious why it is that a digital camera's batteries suddenly "die" but a flashlight stays lit…? Wouldn't the ghost/entity drain the juice from a flashlight as well? Hmm… And it's good to know we don't have to turn the lights out to search for paranormal activity. Thanks Jen!

Anonymous said...

i thought beastwatch witness was pretty stupid. A breathing animal as big as a house? where would it live/remain undetected?

I think it was probaly a rat or some other regular animal in the roof that ate poison and was dying.