Wednesday, May 7, 2008

NICK REDFERN - Sea Monsters - May 14 Guest

If you've listened to our May 7 show, you know that Nick Redfern is just too much for one episode -- especially when he's talking about sea and lake monsters. Last time, we barely got past Loch Ness, and that's just one lake in Scotland! What to do? There seemed only one solution: have Nick back the next week to talk about all the stuff we didn't have time for in the previous show.

That almost worked. Nick's stories about sea monsters (and hunting for sea and lake creatures), turned out to be so fascinating than even a second consecutive show couldn't contain all the cool stuff we wanted to talk about. So, I guess we'll have to have him back again soon. First, though, I think he deserves a couple of weeks off for performing above and beyond the Uncanny call of duty. Thanks, Nick! And, to the rest of you, be sure to leave comments on the blog and tell us how you like these shows. Enjoy!

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Allan said...

Another great show! I really loved listening to NF. I just recieved his book "Three Men Seeking Monsters" in the mail a few days ago.
I'm especially interested in the claims that were brought up that the "Surgeon's Photo" confession could be a hoax. I hadnt heard that before! So I'll be looking into that.
Keep up the good work Linda & Manwolf-Steve!
Allan (Alabama)