Wednesday, June 4, 2008

CHAD LEWIS - June 4, 2008 Guest

Chad Lewis is an author and paranormal investigator based in Minneapolis, MN, who together with Terry Fisk hosts the Web site The pair also host the hugely successful Unexplained Conferences at sites around the Midwest. Lewis, who holds a Master's Degree in psychology and has traveled to Belize, Guatemala, Loch Ness, London, Romania and other places in search of vampires, chupacabras and other unknown entities, has now taken on a new kind of search. Spending hours poring over the archives of old newspapers, Lewis has found a treasure trove of the bizarre and gathered them into a series he calls "Hidden Headlines." Published so far are actual tales of wildmen, unusual characters, and unexplained phenomena from Wisconsin, Texas, New York and California. UncannyRadio will plumb the depths of Lewis' knowledge as we examine the what, how and why of Hidden Headlines.

017 Chad Lewis Podcast

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