Sunday, June 1, 2008

Uncanny Books Reminder - Support Your Favorite Authors!

Just a reminder to all our fans, family, and friends to check out the latest books by me (Stephen D. Sullivan) and my partner in Uncanny Radio, Linda Godfrey.

You can find Linda's award-winning Strange Wisconsin at here.  Or go to her site to order her many other books.

You can get my latest creator-owned book, Zombies, Werewolves, & Unicorns at here.  Or from Amazon's CreateSpace outlet (which gives me a better royalty) here.

My collection of short stories Martian Knights & Other Tales includes a great Blue Kingdoms story and can be found at Amazon here or CreateSpace here.

You can also find some of my other work on the Walkabout Publishing site (along with great books from other authors).

Don't forget to review the books on Amazon once you've bought them!  And be sure to listen to Uncanny Radio live on WBSD on Wednesday nights from 8-9 (central time), or find our podcasts on our Uncanny World blog.  More books are coming from both of us soon.  Keep your eyes peeled!

Thanks for your support!

-- Steve Sullivan

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