Saturday, July 12, 2008

JIM GRAPEK - July 9 Guest

Jim Grapek, president and founder of Associated Producers, Inc., a full service multi-media production company, is an award-winning documentary filmmaker. Grapek has overseen the production of hundreds of diversified programs for business, government and broadcaster, and has most recently specialized in the health arena. Grapek also wrote, produced and directed the first martial arts program to ever air on the Discovery Channel. The highly rated "Secrets of the Warrior's Power" was hailed by Black Belt magazine as one of the best documentaries on Chinese Kung Fu ever produced. Grapek decided to become a producer ­ to create positive programs that could make a difference in people¹s lives. After a successful transition into the industry, including a year spent as president of the International Television Association in Washington, DC, Grapek finally opened his own company, Associated Producers, Inc. in 1986, to fulfill his dream.

Since then, through his work and his affiliation with the National Press Club, Grapek has been privy to spend time with, film, and glean wisdom from many of today's great luminaries ­ people spanning a wide range of perspectives, and far too many to list. They include such people as Oliver Stone and Robert Redford, Margaret Thatcher and many political leaders, world class scientists such as Drs. William Tiller, John Haglin, Russell Targ and David Peat, religious leaders from here and abroad, new age visionary thinkers such as Deepak Chopra, Greg Bradon, Dr. John Mack and Zecharia Sitchin, and many leaders in the fields of healing and conventional as well as complimentary medicines. Jim's website ­ which includes information on the upcoming IMAX film, is Jim can be reached at . Click on this link for the podcastof this Uncanny radio show.


Burning Thoughts said...

Thanks, Steve, for the regular updates and podcasts. I love the show and look forward to it every Wednesday! Linda's research is both fascinating and compelling, and I enjoyed your work at TSR. I'm glad that you and Linda were not hit too hard by the flooding; we're no strangers to inclement weather up here, either!

I look forward to more great shows!

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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