Wednesday, August 20, 2008

NICK REDFERN - August 20 Guest

"There's Something in the Woods" with Nick Redfern. Texas-based British author and gonzo researcher Nick Redfern is one of those rare creatures; a researcher of cryptids who actually goes out in the field. His most recent book, "There's Something in the Woods," is the chronicle of his spine-tingling adventures in Great Britain and the U.S., and his show tonight will reveal secrets of crop-circle makers as well as discussion about his attempts to go where the monsters are, and what the true nature of many cryptid animals might be. Join us on this bi-continental quest for answers!

Redfern is the author of numerous books, including Three Men Seeking Monsters, Memoirs of a Monster Hunter, Body Snatchers in the Desert and more. See all his books at Check out Nick's cryptoblog, There's Something in the Woods, and see the list of archived webcasts above for other Uncanny Radio interviews with Nick.

Podcast of Nick's August 20, 2008 show.

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Allan said...

Nick has quickly become of my favorite writers/researchers (I've read all 3 monster books). I've had a hard time with "supernatural" or "other-worldy" interpretaions of uncataloged creatures...but the more I think about the more it seems like a possiblity. It is easier to think in terms of physical creatures that are undiscovered, especially in the case of hairy bipedal
I've noticed alot of 'main-stream' science books dealing with the topic of "alternate-universes", etc.
I'm yet to read Jones' "PScience" book which is on my wishlist.