Thursday, August 21, 2008

J.C. JOHNSON - August 27 Guest

August 27 - With Early Webcast Aug. 21
Interview with J.C. Johnson on the Georgia Bigfoot Hoax

Radio host and investigator Johnson, a field associate of Tom Biscardi, talked to Uncanny Radio from the site of the Indiana location where the alleged "body" had been taken to thaw, with only about a foot of ice left. JC disclosed the horrendous animal parts found inside the Sasquatch costume and even in the rubber foot, and answered questions about the asserted measurements of the "creature" and other puzzling aspects of the case. Johnson is normally on field duty investigating creature incidents in the Western US, see the "Foursquare" Web site for more information and videos.

Listen to the GA Bigfoot podcast.


Anonymous said...

Good afternoon all,
Oh boy! I, took, had high hopes after reading Loren Coleman's initial take on the GA Bigfoot.
But once I heard Tom Biscardi was involved, I knew better. Now that he's calling himself a "victim" in this mess, it seems like an instance reply from another of his "misadventures" several years back.
Oh well…Great show! Thanks again

Anonymous said...

I don't believe JC, not one bit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the interesting hour discussion on the incident. I have always run with the skeptic crowd and this seemed too good to be true from the onset. However, I truly admire those who take chances and faithfully investigate every lead. Even we skeptics must hold out some hope of discovery, after all, we keep reading the books, listening to the radio shows and writing on the blogs.

Anonymous said...

Sadly no one involved with Biscardi is going to come away from this looking very good. Perhaps Loren Coleman summed up the whole incident best in his entry "Rejecting the Minnesota Iceman"
the parallels are astounding and we are sadder but wiser for both experiences. Maybe we should move from "I want to believe" to "Trust no one".