Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Friend's Family in Need of Help

Everybody -

My friend David's sister-in-law is going through a terrible time in the Philippines.  The short version is that her newborn baby went through a month of ICU care before dying, leaving the grieving parents with huge medical bills plus funeral expenses, and now the hospital won't release the baby's body until the bills are paid.

You can read the longer version of the story on my blog by clicking this sentence.

Or you can see it on my home page

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I want to stress that these are REAL PEOPLE whom I know.  This is _not_ just another internet rumor.  The tragedy is real and the need immediate.

My friend has set up a special PayPal account to handle donations using this email:

If many people can help in a small way, perhaps together we can ease the burden on the grieving parents.

Please pass the information along to those who might help.

Thank you so much for your time and care.

-- Steve Sullivan

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