Wednesday, October 1, 2008

MARY SUTHERLAND - October 1 Guest

We're talking underground tunnels & vortexes.

Mary Sutherland, owner and operator of Burlington Wisconsin's Sci-Fi Cafe and Earth Mysteries Museum, has been delving into the mysteries of the underground tunnel system that pervades the U.S., as well as the properties and functions of vortexes, time/space distortions that some believe are entrances to other dimensions. She believes the two phenomena are connected, and is sponsoring a Vortex Conference this Halloween weekend (2008) with a raft of noted speakers and local vortex and haunted woods tours. Learn what's right beneath our feet, and what may lurk there. Here's the Webcast.


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm---they are no skulls of Modern Man (homo sapiens) that are more than 130,000 (Africa) and 90,000 years old in the Near East. Prior to that you are dealing with homo erectus and so on.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Mary was not able to answer a lot of the questions posed to her, which demonstrates a lack of expertise and knowledge. She was basically armed with a monologue for the show. Anybody is capable of creating a monologue of information to demonstrate their argument in an attempt to sound educated in a subject, however a true measure of your expertise is in being able to answer questions that you are not prepared for. All in all I was largely unimpressed with Mary as opposed to other guests.

Anonymous said...

While I tend to agree with just about everything "Anonymous" said (in fact, if I were to be honest I would have to admit I had to shut the show off before it was over it was so bad). Nonetheless, I am not impressed with "anonymous" posts that criticize someone. If you are going to say something have the guts to take responsibility for your remarks and identify yourself.