Wednesday, January 28, 2009

So, what's going on with the air dates?

Sorry about the confusion. The trouble with the radio air dates started during the holiday season. Linda and I (Manwolf) thought we were doing a show for New Year's Eve, but not for Christmas Eve. It turns out, WBSD had special plans for the NYE show, too. So, that threw us off a week, and then -- somehow there was a mis-broadcast and we ended up losing another week, too. Since it doesn't make sense for Linda and I to work too far ahead (only one show can be loaded to the station at a time), we decided to rearrange the schedule until WBSD caught up.

So, on January 21 you should have heard the Travis/Jersey Devil show over the air and streaming. Tonight, January 28 you should be hearing show 040 - Nick Redfern.

On February 4 you should hear 041 - Jerry E. Smith about contrails and chemtrails. Then, finally, on our anniversary show, February 11, you should hear 042 - Jerry E. Smith part 2 (probably Holy Lance.) Make sense?

Stay tuned and find out for sure.

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