Tuesday, January 6, 2009

TRAVIS - Jersey Devil - January 7, 2008 Guest

Travis is a Jersey Devil expert, author, and owner of the comprehensive site on New Jersey's strangest cryptid -- LandoftheDevil.com. Because he has a NYC day job that he prefers to keep separate from his pursuit of unknown creatures, we have agreed to only use only Travis' first name. But rest assured that he is a long-time friend of Linda's, and the real deal when it comes to investigation and documentation of the "Devil." He and Linda also conducted a ghost hunt in a Michigan cemetery for the famed "nun" who appears at midnight on the full moon. Beastwatch features a 1987 sighting of a mini-creature, and Howls & Growls features a discussion of the best scripted (as opposed to "reality") uncanny TV shows of 2008.

After the show airs on WBSD, you can listen to the show by following this link.

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Unknown said...

Is that by chance the Sister Mary Johns murder?
Id love to hear what you guys found on that!