Tuesday, April 29, 2008

STEVE COOK - April 30 Guest

Steve Cook is a 27 year veteran of the radio industry and a freelance writer. In 1987, he deployed a lifelong interest in folklore creatures and ghost stories to create a song entitled "The Legend." The verses of the song spin the tale of a half-man, half-dog creature that roams the woods of northern Michigan, primarily in the seventh year of each decade. Originally intended as an April Fool's joke, the reaction to the song surprised everyone at the station. After it aired, calls began pouring in from people claiming to have seen a creature exactly like the one described in the song. So began a two-decade search for the real Michigan dogman - a search that has uncovered startling evidence that it may not be a myth. Some of that evidence is revealed for the first time in "The Legend - Legacy Edition," a CD/DVD set released that is part entertainment, part investigative journalism. Released by MindStage Productions, the Legacy Edition features the latest versions of "The Legend" and "The Sigma Story" songs, three chilling ghost stories, a music video, and "Encounters - The Evidence," an 18 minute documentary that offers expert analysis of several photographs and film that claim to show the Michigan dogman in the flesh (or fur - as it were). Proceeds from the sale of the Legacy Edition are donated to animal rescue groups in northern lower Michigan. For complete details about "The Legend" and the new Legacy Edition CD/DVD set, please visit http://www.michigan-dogman.com

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Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I cannot stop listening to your interview with Steve Cook! I went to YouTube to check out the Gable film. Freaky!I almost cannot believe my eyes, seeing that creature morph. I've already order his DVD and can't wait for your next interview with Mr. Cook. Keep keeping on!