Tuesday, June 24, 2008

MARIE D. JONES, Redux - June 25

The second part of our interview with Marie will air on June 25th. See her profile below and enjoy the show.

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Anonymous said...

I just listened to part 2 with Marie Jones via pod cast and found it once again to be thought provoking and entertaining. I agree that investigations into how the mind or consciousness produce or effect paranormal events are rare. I do remember seeing a program where a scientist recreated the UFO abductees phenomenon in the laboratory. As I recall the stimulation of certain brain activity created on the part of the subject a feeling of a presence in the test chamber when in fact the subject was alone. I know to most people this is not as exciting as the alternative (actual abduction), but I find this idea quite intriguing as it showcases the power of the mind.

The only experience I have ever had with a trick of the mind was when I was camping on a Wisconsin River sand bar. I was sleeping outdoors and awoke to see by the full moon a rattle snake crawling toward me. I could see the snake’s fluid motion as it approached me and could detect the diamond pattern upon its scaly back. I sat up to avoid the snake but as I did the reptile simply disappeared. I searched the sand for its tracks but none were to be found. It was a very convincing hallucination, but the snake was surely projected upon the sand by my waking mind.

I hope Marie Jones is correct and in the next five years we will unlock some more mysteries of how our minds work.