Wednesday, September 24, 2008

MARIE D. JONES - September 24 Guest

2013: Apocalypse or Heaven?

Marie D. Jones makes a fascinating return trip to Uncanny Radio with her new book, 2013: Envisioning the world after the events of 2012. After a fascinating overview of the Mayan, Cayce and other prophecies that have the world on a countdown to 2012, Marie Jones brings in a round-up of thoughtful speculation of whether the year will truly end the world...or fizzle in a Y2K-like anticlimax. How will things be better - or worse - and how can we prepare?

Marie is also the author of Psi-Science and Super-Volcano: the Catatostrophic Event that Changed the Course of Human History. See more about these and upcoming titles at Listen to her Web Cast.

Listen to the free webcast of Show 030 Marie D. Jones 2013.


Anonymous said...

Nice show---wasn't able to stream it from but found it here. A couple of thoughts---"Tex" and I would disagree about "demons" (mostly because I don't believe in demons in the Biblical sense but we would be agreed that there are some elemental beings that are inimical to humans---there are also plenty which don't really care about humans one way or the other---and some who are actively friendly to us.
As for 2012 and 2013 and all that I'll tell you the prediction I believe about 2012---it'll be a leap year. I suspect 2013 will be a lot like 2008 only we'll all be five years older.
Just betting the odds there.

Stephen D. Sullivan said...

The radio station website is down right now. I've let them know. Hopefully it'll be back up soon. Until then, we have the podcasts. (The show did air correctly on the broadcast tonight.)

And, being the skeptic, I remain unconvinced about any supernatural creatures. And I agree about 2012. It will be an election year, though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that too. And I admit to being somewhat sceptical about the elemental side altogether---I was just stating what all the accounts of those who have claimed to have dealings with such beings without the preconceived Biblical interpretation so many view such encounters through---as in the case of Scottish mathematician Robert Ogilvie Crombie who co-founded Findhorn).
Incidentally, Linda---I think it was Sabine Baring-Gould who did the Werewolf book--not Summers---he did demons and vampires if I remember rightly.

Sandra La Knitalian said...

2nd week in a row have not been able to open from the uncanny website, but I'm hearing it here, don't know whats up, but will save this link for future episodes...HI LINDA from SANDRASTEIN! ;)

Stephen D. Sullivan said...

The UR site links are working fine for me, but don't worry about it. The links on the Blog will always be there for you. :-) (At least until we start archiving them to save space.) I usually try to put up the new show shortly after it airs on WBSD. Tonight's show is already up -- though the broadcast is still going as I write this.