Wednesday, October 15, 2008

KHAT HANSEN 2 "Things With Wings" - October 18 Guest

The second week of interviews with Khat Hansen takes another look at her frightening encounter with the manwolf (not Steve), what such creatures are, and where they come from. We also talk about "things with wings" including thunderbirds, mothmen, and other strange creatures.

Once more Khat entertains with her colorful stories drawn from her Choctaw heritage.

Check the listing below on the October 8th show for more info on Khat.

Listen to the podcast of Uncanny Radio 033.


Unknown said...

I HATE is the worst site on the Web. I love Uncanny Radio and listen to every episode but always have problems getting Zshare to work right. I've been trying to download Ep. 33 for the past 4 days and even though Zshare is bacck up, the download doesn't work.

Please, please, please put your podcasts on iTunes.

Stephen D. Sullivan said...

This is the first time we've had any substantial trouble with the. Clearly, they still haven't resolved their "issues." All the sites I know that load to iTunes either require you to carry their ads (we can't for radio reasons), or they cost money beyond our show's budget (which is basically nil).

I'm hoping zShare will get their act together, but we'll take suggestions for better free, easy podcast servers.

Until then, we are planning to rerun the Khat Hansen 2 show this Wednesday, 10/22/08.

Sorry for the trouble.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the updates, Steve. I noticed a few more podcast-savvy listeners had some advice for alternate hosting sources, so hopefully one of those will work if zShare can't get it together.

LOVE the show - you and Linda keep up the great work!

pamela rodriguez, zoe's professional animal care sitter service said...

you can get free hosting on blog talk radio zshare sucks i can here a thing on it either

Stephen D. Sullivan said...

A crash on ZShare took down all of our podcasts there, and I don't think any of them have come back. The posting requirements on BTR are different than those on ZShare, though -- and to post the older shows, we would have to re-edit and re-record portions of them.

Basically, when we were on the radio we had license to use radio music -- REM, Dark Shadows, etc. -- in the show. But, on the web, we can't use such things without license. Our later shows used music from our friends the Creeping Dead, which we have full permission to use on the radio & the web.

Those later shows remain up on BTR. But, the others can't go up until Linda & I have the time to re-work the musical segments. Both of us are busy people, with a lot of commitments -- and, sadly, it may take a while to get those shows re-worked.

So, that's the story.

Anonymous said...

There is a biggger problem at the present time for the web site of Khat Hansen's has been shut down for admin reasons of unknown source since no expaination or warning was given to any of the site members. Khat Hansen is a great woman so I pray in due time all gets fixed for there is too much pain felt by many good members caught up in a mess. Khat should get the best help to make her site easy to maintain and to make radio interviews and more for the message was reaching out when the brakes were applied to it all. I hope and pray others are not hurt inside too much and that this will pass and the members may see a new site when and if Khat is ready. Please let your thoughts be to help all the injured parties including Khat and family. God be with you Khat and keep you. The Preacher