Sunday, October 19, 2008

Still no ZShare - KHAT 2 REBROADCAST 10-22-08

ZShare seems to be back, but the podcasts aren't working. I'm hoping this will be resolved in the next day or so, but we have no leverage about it and nothing we can really do.

It's not only our stuff, but their whole site.

We will rebroadcast the show on Wednesday, 10/22/08, and hopefully the live streaming will work there.

Otherwise, we're open to suggestions for other, more-reliable free sites to put the shows up. (We can't have on-the-show ads and we have no budget for buying a podcast site.)

Sorry for the continuing trouble. We hope it will be resolved soon.


Anonymous said...

Have you looked at A lot of the music blogs I use upload stuff there, and it always seems to work well (though I've no experience of uploading to it). It's free, so worth a look.

Anonymous said...

thank the gods i thought it was me ;) i have bin trying to down load it on my lap top using dial up becuse im out of town

Stephen D. Sullivan said...

I've emailed ZShare (now that the site is up again) informing them about the problem and asking when they will have it fixed.

Naturally, I'll keep y'all posted.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness it wasn't just me. I've been trying off and on all weekend to get zshare to work. I just found your show this week and had been listening to all the past shows. Great show! Please keep us posted when you guys get it all working again.

Anonymous said... is also a free site, several other shows about paranormal topics use that site.

irene13 said...

Well, instead of a rebroadcast, I only heard some varsity game broadcast! I guess I'll keep my fingers crossed…again. Good luck!

Stephen D. Sullivan said...

Arg. I knew I should have taken the time to listen tonight, but I had Mythbusters on time-delay and lost track of time. It would have been nice if the station had told us they were doing a live sports show in our usual time slot. Clearly, there are some problems here -- and none of our own making. I'm not sure how/if things will work out.

But, right at this moment, even before I saw the previous comment, I had begun to re-upload the Khat 2 show. It should be available in the next hour or so. (By 11pm central.)