Saturday, January 31, 2009

Call trouble?

So, Linda and I were recording Uncanny Radio 42 the other night, and she accidentally got dropped from the BlogTalkRadio call-in line. Thought she'd just be able to dial back in and rejoin the conversation, but she never came up on the board. I found out later that she'd been trying like mad to call, but the system refused to let her back in -- told her something like "that line is not available."

So, that got me wondering, during our brief time on BTR, we haven't fielded a lot of calls. During the shows, I've assumed it was because we didn't repeat our number often enough -- and sometimes folks hung up before I could ring them in (since I had to wait for a pause in the conversation to do so). But now I'm thinking that maybe the system just wasn't letting people into the Uncanny Radio switchboard. Or maybe it's a combination of both.

Anyway, if you called and couldn't get through, our apologies. And, if you had some experience like that, please feel free to add a comment to this post and let us know about it. It's obviously too late for now, but maybe later we can do something about it.


irene13 said...

Very sad to hear this was the last Uncanny radio broadcast! What will I do on Wednesday now that you're gone! Ah, well, continued success to you both, and Linda, I can't wait for another book, full of more stories about that strange creature prowling our dark woods and fields.

Stephen D. Sullivan said...

We may do some more, as we have time. But with my new, full-time job, I just can't devote the hours to UR that I used to. And Linda had been having trouble finding time since the end of September. Still, UR is not dead, it's merely resting. (Which reminds me of things said by both Monty Python and H.P. Lovecraft.)

Stephen D. Sullivan said...

Oh, and thanks for the kind words. I hope you like my fiction as well as Linda's non-fiction!

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Loved Ever said...
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