Wednesday, August 6, 2008

TONY WOIAK - August 6 Guest

It's summer and everyone is headed "up north." But if the hordes of tourists knew what the locals do about those dark woods and streams and Great Lakes shores, they might think twice about pitching their tent in a wilderness forest. Washburn Wisconsin writer, historian and filmmaker Tony Woiak discusses some of the creepy things to be found near Lake Superior on this edition of Uncanny Radio. The author of ten books on Midwestern and northern Wisconsin history, Woiak is currently making a film called I Was a Middle-Aged Zombie. He has contributed to Weird Wisconsin and Strange Wisconsin, and his parents were Manwolf witnesses.

024 Tony Woiak podcast.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, out of all the guests I've listened to so far this one was the weakest. Nothing bad intended but he couldn't remember most of the stories he wrote about.

Anonymous said...

Steve, on E. Readicker-Henderson seeing a bigfoot or bear tracks, ask him what the landscape was like. Bigfoot apparently has phenomenal climbing abilities and maybe the dead-end wasn't a dead-end for it.
It's possible it went up, and didn't turn around and go back out.
Charlie Mendoza

Unknown said...

I have read many of Tony's books and have found humor, humility, and historical facts galore. His movie: 'I Was a Middle-Aged Zombie' promises a good view of the possible trials and tribulations a zombie could bring to a family. A good mix of sensitivity with sprinkles of laughter.
Russian Princess

Stephen D. Sullivan said...

Charles - Meant to relay this ages ago. Sorry. Edward says:

"It was a cliff, but if one can really climb, a climbable cliff where I saw the tracks."

So, certainly possible the bigfoot just went up. Certainly the Yowie in the recent Destination Truth (if that's what the infrared shape was) was navigating a perilous cliff with ease.