Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BOB BEUTLICH - November 19 Guest

Join us for our conversation with Bob Beutlich, longtime member of the US Psychotronics Association. Bob believes that scientific instruments can amplify people's psychic abilities and improve psychic healing. You can hear the show at our BlogTalkRadio account:

Uncanny Radio at Blogtalk.

In the future, we hope to have links to the podcast available here and at the Uncanny Radio site. Stay tuned.


Here's a direct link to the Bob Show.


Anonymous said...


Didn't like the new theme song at first---but it kinda...ah...CREPT up on me. Like the subject---psychotronics---it fits in with some of the things the late Terence McKenna used to talk about regarding computers and the web and human consciousness expanding as a result of these new tools.

(I've been blogging about Terence and Shadow People and Timewave Zero and 2012 and that stuff in the last two entries on my windows live space).

Tell Linda I'm sorry I have never been able to get back into her Yahoo Group but I never got a response to the emails I sent her friend and I finally gave up.

Stephen D. Sullivan said...

The Creeping Dead music is probably a bit jarring after REM and Dark Shadows for so long. But, if truth be known, while the radio station has license to use such "big name" music, we couldn't replay those on, say, BlogTalkRadio. So we need music where we've been granted wide license to use -- like Tim's theme and the tunes from our friends the Creeping Dead. I'm very happy with the way the CD music fits with the Howls segment. And the lyrics of the Beastwatch cut are dead-on, though the transition is a bit jarring. Fortunately, I now have a new Creeping Dead CD too look through and find even more cool tunes to assault you with during the show.