Sunday, November 2, 2008

Burlington Vortex Conference Review

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Anonymous said...

Chief Tecumseh Brown-Eagle;
Burlington and the Burlington Vortex Conference 2008

After several radio show conversations prior to the Vortex Conference Mary invited me to Burlington Wisconsin.

Never having been to Wisconsin, I did not know what to expect. Burlington, with my eyes soon to be wide open, I found to be an oasis in the middle of nowhere. Why on earth would someone place a city in this place?

After arriving at the Sci-Fi Café I was greated by my sister Mary Sutherland. (Wow what a beautiful and warm place! )

During the conference we had the opportunity to go to what is termed the "Haunted Woods". I personally believe those woods are like one of many antennas to other dimensions. You can feel a magnetic yet bend in time and space. I could feel how different this place was. It reminded me of my visit inside the great pyramid in Egypt. That night after eating and back at the hotel my roommate Peter Moon suggested we get earplugs due to my heavy snoring caused by the clean ionized air. I was so rested and at peace after my visit to the Haunted Woods!

The next day at the conference, it seemed that time stood still, yet the time change would not take place until later that night.

While visiting one of the most profound Tai Chi School, I ran into someone who was taught out west by another Erie, PA native.

The conference was total class with the most profound individuals on the Ufo/spirit matter connections ever assembled. It would rival any conference!

Next was the tour of the city of Burlington, WI. This was given by Mary who pointed out not only the secret tunnel system but the above ground layout of an out-post and the 6 figure layout of the city. From the houses to the businesses, the mystic tower, the Masonic lodge, to the streets, how time is bent when crossing an area, the smell of chocolate, meeting of the good reverend and the total spiritual aspect including the mystical numerical codes of the roads and routes. It has trains, waterways, underground tunnels, American Indian burial and ceremony mounds. This place had all of the mysteries of ancient and modern beings and inter-extra Galaxy travel. I was so overwhelmed and will need a few more visits and an opportunity to bring some people with me so I can monitor their experiences.

Tecumseh Brown-Eagle;
Chief of The Erie Indian Moundbuilders Tribal Nation

Anonymous said...

The Amazing Godwin
by David F. Godwin
(December 2008)--This column is unusual in that it consists primarily of a conference report—but a conference report with implications. Editor-in-Chief Phyllis Galde and I attended the debut of the Vortex Conference in Burlington, Wisconsin, over the Halloween weekend. The meet was organized by Mary Sutherland, “everybody’s mom” and the leading figure in promoting the weird wonders of the town.

And Burlington is weird. No doubt about it. Wisconsin as a whole seems to be a hotbed of paranormal activity, but Burlington has it all in spades.

Just for starters, the city was built around 1836 on ancient, pre-Colombian burial mounds. Later, it was the headquarters of an offshoot of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormons).

In 1843, after the death of Joseph Smith, James Strang differed with Brigham Young on the right of succession and formed his own splinter group in Voree, Wisconsin, in what is now Burlington. To solidify his claim, he asserted that he had received another special revelation carved on tablets, the so-called Voree plates, dug up in 1845.

The site of the plates’ discovery is now commemmorated by a brass plaque mounted on a boulder. It is in the woods back of a cow lot. If you don’t know where it is, you would never find it. It is not marked on the highway and no signs point to its location.

For another thing, the basements of Burlington all seem to be connected by a mysterious series of underground tunnels. These were reportedly used by the Underground Railroad before the Civil War and later by Al Capone for the purpose of smuggling whiskey. But no one knows their true origin or purpose.

On the first night, Mary took us on a tour of a nearby woodland, the location of many strange energies. I had trouble keeping my balance on the dark, rocky trail, as if I were being nudged or shoved. We stood in a circle, where the above photo was taken. A double exposure (with a digital camera?), or astral bodies slipping out?

Burlington is just plain strange.

David F. Godwin is the Managing Editor of FATE and author of numerous articles, columns, books, and other materials