Saturday, November 15, 2008

Uncanny Radio - New Podcast Home - Maybe

I've been experimenting with BlogTalkRadio, and I think I may have found a new home for the Uncanny Radio podcasts.  If I've done everything right, there should be a re-broadcast of the first UR show tonight at 10pm, Central time (11/15/08).  Here's a link to the new site:

After the show broadcasts/podcasts live, it should be available in the archive as well.  And will hopefully stay there for as long as we want.

That's assuming I've done everything right.  Tune in and let me know if it worked.

If it works, our new segment - featuring Bob Beutlich -- should air next Wednesday night, 11-19-08 at 10pm central time (and then be archived automatically).

With luck, we'll even have the podcasts available on iTunes soon.  Stay tuned, and wish us luck!

(And if it doesn't work, I'll try it again tomorrow.)

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