Saturday, November 8, 2008

Khat 1 Repost

Well, y'all have probably noticed that ZShare still hasn't brought back the full, working podcast files. Linda and I are trying to figure out how to handle this. Likely we'll move to another podcast service. Someone suggested a possible one at the Vortex Conference last weekend, and we still have some other sites suggested in comments here, on the blog. But we haven't had time to check them out yet -- and we don't want what happened with ZShare happening again. (Ugh!)

Until then, to tide you over, (by popular request) I'm reposting the first Khat Hansen show.

Khat Hansen 1: Manwolf Attack

And, of course, Khat 2 is still working. (At least it was as I type this.)

Khat Hansen 2: Things with Wings

If things go as expected -- and God knows they haven't for this show lately -- Brad Steiger should rebroadcast this Wednesday, and then we'll be back with some new live shows after that. I met a couple of potential guests at the Vortex Conference, and hopefully we can get our schedules to mesh soon.

Thanks for hanging in with us!

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Anonymous said...

hope you guys start having better luck. Just wanted you both to know that I really enjoy the show and can't wait when you get them all up and running again.