Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Snake-Bit Radio

So, Linda and I are too busy to do a live show this week, and almost too busy to get the rerun show we want -- Brad Steiger -- on the air.

At the last minute, I manage to rush into the studio and get the show into the computer. And then, another in a series of recent set backs happens: the studio computer refuses to send the show up to go on the air.

After a fruitless half hour, I give up. The station engineers are going to have to fix this problem.

So, right now, if you're listening streaming, you're probably hearing Khat 2 -- which may be good since hearing that show has been problematic.

But Linda and I apologize anyway, though it's hardly our fault. The snakes seem to be biting right now.


Burning Thoughts said...

No worries, Steve, thanks for the updates. Stuff happens. I hope you and Linda had fun on Friday. Congrats on electing a new president!

I'll look forward to the next interesting installment of UR.

Stephen D. Sullivan said...

I certainly had fun at the Vortex Conference. I'm not sure where on her tour Linda was on Friday.

I'm hoping this election will bring new good things. Thanks for the kinds words from north of the border.